Voici quelques activités que nous avons utilisées en classe pendant notre étude de la paix.

Qu'est-ce la paix? [What is Peace?] Activité de réflexion. [Reflection activity.]
Students use a circle map to define "Peace"in context.

Six milliards de chemins vers la paix [Six billion paths to peace]. Activité de lecture et de réflexion [reading and reflection activity].
Students visit the original project site "Six billion paths to peace" and link submitted paths to peace to the communities they affect. Students then think of the acts they personally engage in that affect the same communities.

Comment je me sens quand je suis en paix
[How I feel when I am peaceful]. Activité d'écriture qui vise les adjectifs [writing activity focusing on adjective agreement]. Students use a bubble map to describe how they feel when they are at peace.

Le brahmane et le tigre ingrat [The Brahman and the ungrateful tiger]. Activité de lecture et de vocabulaire [reading and vocabulary activity]. Students read a legend tied to our theme. Vocabulary words are highlighted through work with synonyms and antonyms.

Comment je me sens quand je rends service [How I feel when I am helping others]. Activité d'écriture qui vise les adjectifs [writing activity focusing on adjective agreement]. Students fill the reference frame of a bubble map with specific acts of service they have engaged in. They then use adjectives to describe how they felt during these activities.
  • Activité: Les élèves commencent par lister leurs expériences personnelles de service . Ils décrivent ensuite comment ils se sont sentis pendant ces activités. [Students begin by brainstorming personal experiences they have related to service. Students then describe how they felt during the various activities.]

Une sagesse au sujet de la paix [Quotation about peace]. Illustration [Illustration]. Students use their creativity to illustrate a quotation from the Dalai-Lama regarding Peace.

Étendons la paix à notre école [Spreading peace at our school]. Activité d'écriture [writing activity]. Students work as a class to brainstorm activities that support the school's behavior expectations. Students then note specific examples of these actions they have participated in at school. The final activity is a writing activity. Students use their pre-writing work to prove that they contribute to a peaceful, harmonious environment at our school.

Nous nous engageons [We commit]. Activité d'écriture [writing activity]. Students commit to one daily act of peace. They write a text describing their act of peace, explaining which community is most affected by their choice, and how they benefit, themselves, from this act of service. Students engage in personal and peer editing as they work through the writing process.