Nos Réflexions [Our Reflections]

Voici ce que les élèves disent (en anglais) au sujet de notre projet: Six milliards de chemins vers la paix.
Here's what students say (in English) about our project: Six Billion Paths to Peace

How would you describe our project: “Six milliards de chemins vers la paix”?

I think that our project is very helpful because even if your personal path to peace is little it will make a huge difference in the long run. I would also describe our project as a new way to make friends which I think is so cool because during this project you meet new people that you normally wouldn't hang out with and even people that you haven't met before.

I would describe our project as a great learning experience, for I learned a great deal about what the world is doing, what my classmates are doing, and what I could be doing to encourage peace in my community. When I saw all that my friends were doing, I was amazed! They had never told me of what they were doing to be peaceful, and I was surprised that they were so engaged. Then I started doing more to maintain harmony in my family. Also, it was very easy to learn from experienced, passionate-for-peace teachers who encouraged us to do our best and to help our planet in various ways.

It encouraged me to go out and aid the world in its time of need and spread peace to all that need a little smile. Especially to those that have been put down by thoughts or experiences of war and depression. I think that our project has enhanced the ways we spread peace throughout the planet.

I would describe our project as a goal to inspire others to form a path to peace and to become aware of what peace is and how to make it.

Il nous aide aussi à trouver la paix à l’intérieur de nous-mêmes. [It helped us find inner peace.]

After much hard work with work sheets and researching the website 6 million paths to peace, we were asked to write a paragraph about our own paths to peace that we do all the time, no matter how small. Our project was meant to show that anything peaceful can make a difference. It was even an act of peace to make this project, spreading the word to people from all over. It encourages everyone to start their own path to peace.

Our project is for all of us to think of ways that we create peace every day. We discovered how everyone could do something easily that would lead to more peace in the world. At the same time, we learned about adjectives and learning maps. We discovered that each act could be very simple such as carpooling to school or saying thank you to the bus driver. These are very small acts but each one adds up.

I would describe our project as an amazing project because we are learning that even students can change the world. And every one needs to help out if we want to have a better world. But what I really think makes this project great is that we not only see that we can help out in changing the world but we also get to change the world. Weather we thank our bus drivers or we are kind to our brothers and sisters we each are helping each other out and having fun!!

I would describe our project as "A way to teach people about peace, and how one small act can change a lot."

Our project's mission is to help spread peace all over the world. By doing little things to others they pass on the kindness and so on from person to person. In the end all those little bits form worldwide peace. We agree that we letting others know that they can help even by doing the smallest things will motivate them. If we give examples like in our video people can do the same and think of new ideas to! If everyone contributed a little amount there can be peace on earth.

Our family now recycles and composts at our house.
a fun way to learn how our small acts of kindness can influence the world.

Maybe in the future have millions of people connected and writing there own path to peace!!!

Our project on peace is about how to find a path to peace (help make the world a better place to live). If we can understand that peace is important and we engage in doing so, the peace on Earth will grow.

How did “Six milliards de chemins vers la paix” change you as a person?
This project made me change as a person because it helped me realize that little things like opening a door for someone can help make a difference. Doing several of these little acts of peace a day can help others. It is important to help others. I also learned that if you help others, something good will happen to you. It might be someone else realizing you did something good and know wanting to help you or it might just be feeling good that you did something nice.

I think that this project has changed me as a person because I think of others more and I'm way more caring. I guess that I'm also a lot more helpful and I think of others a lot more now. I mean before it was I thought about me a lot and now I think a lot more of others instead of myself. I also think that this changed me because I guess you could say that it "opened my eyes" because now I'm noticing the little things that people and complimenting them on it. If someone has a problem now I try to help them through it without hurting someone else in any way.

This project definitely changed my outlook on our planet. Now, whenever I look at an unfortunate person or aspect of my community, I don't feel downhearted, I think of it as an opportunity to help my community and to grow more confident that I can change things for the better. I feel that I can render my community at peace, and through this project, I have begun to know ways that I can successfully approach that goal.

This project has changed my relationship with my family. Now we all have the same goal, to enforce peace in our household and beyond. It has the changed way I see the world. When I see a person less fortunate than myself I ponder ways that I can help them. Even with the difficult economy we can never overlook the constant need of peace on our planet.

When I used an act [of peace], I felt like a nicer and better person inside.

This project made me more aware about the little things you could do to make peace like hold doors for people, say hi to people, etc. This project inspired me to build more paths to peace. I like doing acts of peace because it makes me feel good.

Cette projet ma changer parce que je me sans utile quand je rends service et aide les autres. Je fais les actes de paix quotidienne qui me permet de sentir importante chaque jour.

This project changed me as a person by realizing my own acts of peace, and to try harder at being a better person. I learned that no matter how small, any act of peace can make a difference in this world. Now I am more conscious of what I am doing, like now I always say thank you to my bus driver. I have also learned from my classmates' work. I never thought of some of their ideas before as being an act of peace, but now I try hard to attempt their small acts. Sometimes I even ask myself "Was that an act of peace I just did?"

This project changed me as a person by doing more about peace, and thinking about it more often. I have also been a lot more comfortable talking about the subject of peace with my classmates. I think a lot more of recycling, and just helping the environment. Sometimes it even makes me happier because if I recycle and do something good for the environment it makes me feel good. It feels like I'm doing something great.

I learned that I can make peace in the world without going farther than my home. Now, I am more aware of acts that lead to peace. I think about creating peace more and encourage people to help create world peace.

It made me aware of what I was doing. My path to peace was to respect differences. One day, a girl asked me to be her partner in gym (usually I am with one of my friends), I wanted to be with my friends but then I remembered that I am respecting differences and I decided that this was a good way to do that.

It made me aware of what I was doing. My path to peace was to respect differences. One day, a girl asked me to be her partner in gym (usually I am with one of my friends), I wanted to be with my friends but then I remembered that I am respecting differences and I decided that this was a good way to do that.

This project made me change as a person by making me realize how much of a difference we--students, children, classmates--could make a change in the world. It made me think about what I as a person could do to help my family, friends, teachers, classmates, universe, and much more, every day. I always knew that there were 1,000s of things that I could do for the things and people surrounding me, but I never really thought about it. After doing this project, I know how important it is to create peace, and I also know exactly what I can do to accomplish just that.

This project made me change as a person, because I never knew how many people were in need of food, shelter, clothes, etc. Now I do know and I will try to do all I can do to help the people in need of the help. I hope that one day everyone will have everything they need to survive in life.

This project made me think about the quote from John F. Kennedy "Do not ask for what your country can do for you, but ask what can you do for my country." It also helps me think about ways to stop fighting.

It helped me see how other people are helped by simple things like holding the door open for someone, or how saying thank you can brighten someone's day.

This project has made me reflect and ask myself, 'what have I already done that's good for the world, and how can I improve it? I know this process is working, because now, I don't just recycle, I also reach in the trash to get a water bottle that someone else threw away so I can recycle it. As I have learned from this project, small things like that can help our planet.

I think this project has had a huge effect on me as a person and it is way to show how much this project can do to others.

When I do this [act of peace] so many people are surprised by my kind gestures.

I am capable of recognizing acts of peace in daily life.

It has also opened my eyes to other things that people have done to save the earth!!!

I changed in our project for many reasons. I have learned many new, French words that I can use in my writing everyday. What I have learned in class makes me want to do something about the hunger, war, etc. in the world. I have been more committed to help the Earth when I see the details about how bad it really is.

What makes you a particularly good choice to represent our class and project?

I am a good choice because I really enjoy doing these kinds of projects. It makes me happy to show others that just because we are children doesn’t mean we can't help.

I also think that I'm a kind person and that I not afraid to stick up for someone if someone is getting hurt physical and mental. I also think that I a good representation for our class because I really think that this is a good idea and I'm not just saying it in class you please I say at home and to my friends and just think that, that's a great thing and if anyone else does that I'll go compliment them.

I would be a great representative for this particular project because my personal knowledge of peace and community service is an exceptional example for others to follow. My personal act of peace is as simple as smiling, but can change someone's attitude in general. I believe that when one smiles at another, it is not only a gesture of kindness, it is a reassurance of peace in our community. Smiles are contagious, and they can be passed on continuously. I have a clear understanding of how peace can be spread and how it can affect different people different ways.

I can think of many ways it has changed me as a person and how it can help the world become more joyous.

I believe if I attend this event it would be a very educational learning experience for me.

I am passionate about this project. I did the project whole-heartedly, and gave it my best. I truly believe that each of us can make a difference in this world, and I would love to help others learn more.

I am also a good role model because I truly believe this was the right thing to do not just because it was a project we had to do at school

I put in one hundred and ten percent effort. I thought a lot about what I could do each day that would spread kindness and peace into the world.